You may not recognise the back entrance to the Laratinga Cafe off the Laratinga Trail in Mt Barker with all the outside changes. Even at the side and the front there are changes, the only thing still the same is they are expecting us around 11.00 am for coffee break.  Leave Balhannah Oval at 9.30 am as usual.

The sketch map of the suggested route (with optional extras if preferred) can be found on: TT 21 JULY 2020

A shortcut along Mappinga Road on the return, but the giant magpie started attacking at the end of July last year. Be careful.

Coffee4 Club

What’s this? Our Blog site has been viewed by someone in China today.  Long way to come for a ride!

2020-07-17 11_22_11-

1 thought on “TUESDAY TREADLERS – JULY 21, 2020”

  1. Congratulations on your new approach Tony. I’m sure it’ll work out for the better and make life a bit easier for you in the future. Just to let you know we’re not boycotting the new set up. We’re heading off to Northern Territory on Tuesday for a couple of weeks. So we’ll see you when we get back. Regards

    Rick Sent from my iPhone



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