Tuesday Treadlers – February 4, 2020

Pleasing to see that the two somewhat undernourished Tuesday Treadlers riders have been located and will be joining our rides again shortly.  Thanks to SAPOL.



Some of our riders have been asking for a ride to Mt.Pleasant again, so with our February ‘away’ ride we will head to the Bakery for coffee break around 11.00 am.  Meet in  CHARLESTON  adjacent to the tennis courts for the 9.30 am start.

Mt.P Bakery

             A couple of suggested routes on the sketch map which can be found on:                        T.T. FEB.4,2020


These unused items are no longer required. Anyone interested please see Tony.             Co2 Tyre inflator ($10),  Shimano Cleats ($10) and Shimano pedals ($20).              (P.S.  Cleats already taken).


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Treadlers – February 4, 2020”

  1. Just wanted to let the organiser(s) to know that I very much appreciate these rides – I’m a mix and match rider – and the effort that goes into doing this week in week out. Cheers, Marcus Lieneman


  2. Hi Tony,
    This is an invitation.
    I’m doing the longer ride starting at 9am,or shortly before then by about 10 minutes, so that I’m back in Balhannah where I live by 12.30pm. (I’m not as fast the red riders but like the distance.)
    If any of the guys and ladies who ride short or long would like a coffee after I get home, you are very welcome – even at a safe distance.
    My address is 21 Onkaparinga Valley Rd, Balhannah.
    Just come through to the back yard to the left of the carport to the back yard.
    Love to see you here.
    Cheers Marcus


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