Tuesday Treadlers – Rides July 16, 2019

Some of our riders seem to enjoy riding in wet, windy and cold conditions, but they will probably be disappointed this week. There is only a possibility of an odd light shower.

With limited number of venues able to cope with all of us, we are back once again to the Cudlee Cafe in Cudlee Creek.

Cudlee Cafe

Usual start in Balhannah Oval at 9.30 am. Coffee break around 11.00 am. Suggested optional routes on the sketch map:   T.T JULY 16, 2019

There is a growing tendency for more of us to deviate from the suggested routes and even the organised coffee venues.  What would be the reaction from riders if we stopped the sketch map suggestions and only mention the location for mid-ride coffee break?  Comments welcome at the bottom of the page, or leave a message on 0407 884 730


Why not take advantage of windy conditions.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Treadlers – Rides July 16, 2019”

  1. As a newcomer to the group, and someone who does not have a great familiarity with the backroads around Balhannah, I find the maps not only provide me with a sense of support and security during the ride, but also some ideas for rides that I might do by myself at some other stage. Please continue to produce them!


  2. I have been spectacularly bad with my attendance the last 4 weeks.Still not confident enough to ride on wet roads in the wind. But I have used the maps to go out on my own when the days have been a little better. I rely on the maps for the rides too as I am new to the group. Now kitted out in cold weather gear so planning on being back out ASAP.
    Thanks for everything you do.


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