Tuesday Treadlers – Rides August 20, 2019


If you enjoy riding in the rain there is a small possibility of a shower or two this week.  So we will head for coffee break in the Lobethal Bakery at WOODSIDE.


Most of us start from Balhannah Oval at 9.30 am and arrive for mid-morning break around 11.00 am.  The routes suggested last time we headed to Woodside seemed particularly popular, so let’s repeat them.      

The sketch map of the two routes ought to be found on:   TT AUG.20, 2019  

faire-du-vélo-clipart-6 - Copy

          See you on Tuesday       



Tuesday Treadlers – Rides August 13, 2019


Gumeracha for morning coffee once again. Most riders meet in the Giant Rocking Horse Bistro around 11.00 am.

Starting in Balhannah Oval at 9.30 am. there are two optional routes as usual. The sketch map of the suggested routes can be seen on:   AUGUST 13, 2019



 They are out there watching for us somewhat earlier this year. Spread the word about locations you come across. Halfway down Mappinga Road is a particular favourite.  Wearing a helmet is the best protection. Apparently anything sticking out of the top of the helmet is best avoided as the ears and eyes will then be the target. Oddly enough wearing orange, yellow or purple makes you particularly vulnerable.  Also best to ride in a group.




Tuesday Treadlers – Rides August 6, 2019


Lots of parking space for the start of our August AWAY rides next to the tennis courts in Newnam Road, Charleston.

The two optional routes leave at 9.30 am. and head to the Mount Pleasant Bakery for mid-ride coffee break around 11.00 am.


Should you be interested in the sketch map of the suggested routes, it should be available at:      TT August 6, 2019

Individual single sheet Sketch Maps:    GREEN     RED



Hope to see you on Tuesday


Tuesday Treadlers – Rides July 30, 2019

Where were all the riders last Tuesday?  What a rare missed opportunity to experience riding with a 100 km/h tail wind.


The weather must be better this Tuesday, so we can repeat the arrangements for last week.  Start in Balhannah Oval at 9.30 am with coffee break at the Laratinga Cafe in Mt Barker around 11.00 am. The sketch map of the suggested optional routes can be seen here:   Sketch Map July 30, 2019



faire-du-vélo-clipart-6 - Copy

See you on Tuesday

Tuesday Treadlers – Rides July 23,2019

Fewer riders last Tuesday due to threatening weather, but the morning turned out to be rain free with mostly dry roads.  This week the forecast is for showers again.

With luck it should be ok to meet for our rides, although probably a bit cool, so wrap up.  The usual 9.30am start from Balhannah Oval and head to Mt. Barker once again for 11.00am coffee break in the Laratinga Cafe.  Sketch Map of the suggested optional routes can be accessed on:   Sketch Map for July 23, 2019


Maximum coffee break 3 hours??

Thank you to riders who commented last week.  It seems that the weekly sketch maps are particularly popular.  However, it is suggested that it would nice if all riders on the Green routes kept more or less together and waited for slower riders to catch up as used to happen.   Comments always most welcome after each ride.


Tuesday Treadlers – Rides July 16, 2019

Some of our riders seem to enjoy riding in wet, windy and cold conditions, but they will probably be disappointed this week. There is only a possibility of an odd light shower.

With limited number of venues able to cope with all of us, we are back once again to the Cudlee Cafe in Cudlee Creek.

Cudlee Cafe

Usual start in Balhannah Oval at 9.30 am. Coffee break around 11.00 am. Suggested optional routes on the sketch map:   T.T JULY 16, 2019

There is a growing tendency for more of us to deviate from the suggested routes and even the organised coffee venues.  What would be the reaction from riders if we stopped the sketch map suggestions and only mention the location for mid-ride coffee break?  Comments welcome at the bottom of the page, or leave a message on 0407 884 730


Why not take advantage of windy conditions.