Tuesday Treadlers – Rides July 23,2019

Fewer riders last Tuesday due to threatening weather, but the morning turned out to be rain free with mostly dry roads.  This week the forecast is for showers again.

With luck it should be ok to meet for our rides, although probably a bit cool, so wrap up.  The usual 9.30am start from Balhannah Oval and head to Mt. Barker once again for 11.00am coffee break in the Laratinga Cafe.  Sketch Map of the suggested optional routes can be accessed on:   Sketch Map for July 23, 2019


Maximum coffee break 3 hours??

Thank you to riders who commented last week.  It seems that the weekly sketch maps are particularly popular.  However, it is suggested that it would nice if all riders on the Green routes kept more or less together and waited for slower riders to catch up as used to happen.   Comments always most welcome after each ride.


Tuesday Treadlers – Rides July 16, 2019

Some of our riders seem to enjoy riding in wet, windy and cold conditions, but they will probably be disappointed this week. There is only a possibility of an odd light shower.

With limited number of venues able to cope with all of us, we are back once again to the Cudlee Cafe in Cudlee Creek.

Cudlee Cafe

Usual start in Balhannah Oval at 9.30 am. Coffee break around 11.00 am. Suggested optional routes on the sketch map:   T.T JULY 16, 2019

There is a growing tendency for more of us to deviate from the suggested routes and even the organised coffee venues.  What would be the reaction from riders if we stopped the sketch map suggestions and only mention the location for mid-ride coffee break?  Comments welcome at the bottom of the page, or leave a message on 0407 884 730


Why not take advantage of windy conditions.


Tuesday Treadlers – Rides July 9th

Coffee4 Club

Exciting new addition to the two optional rides each Tuesday.  Why not join the third option which  involves a much shorter ride and a much longer coffee break. Ten of our riders enjoyed the socialising last week, so there is an opportunity to try it out again this week, with no more than about 6 kms. of riding, or even less if you drive.

Should you prefer a longer ride with coffee break around the usual time,  we will arrive back at the Lobethal Bakery in Woodside around 11.00 am.  Starting in Balhannah Oval at 9.30 am..


Sketch map of the two suggested rides will probably be found here:     T.T. JULY 9


A woman competing in a cycling tournamentSee you on Tuesday


Tuesday Treadlers – Rides July 2, 2019


What a pity a mid-winter ride up to Mt.Lofty summit is unlikely to be like this. Could well be another ideal day for cycling.

Our AWAY rides this week will head to Mt.Lofty Summit Bistro once again for our coffee break around 11.00 am. No snow forecast, but you never know.


It’s been a while since we started our monthly AWAY ride in Summertown. Meet in the parking area at the junction of Greenhill and Tregarthen roads for the 9.30 am start.  A sketch map of the suggested routes:  TT JULY 2, 2019

It will be difficult to get lost this week  –  just head for the highest point around!


Tuesday Treadlers – Rides June 25, 2019

Could be another nice day for riding on Tuesday, so we can head once more up to Gumeracha for coffee break.   So it’s back to the Giant Rocking Horse Bistro for our 11.00 am refreshments.


There is evidence that most of our riders check out the suggested routes on the sketch maps.  Not a bad idea, it saves getting lost.  This week’s sketch map can be found here: TT JUNE 25, 2019




Messsage from David Kemp Last week my Mavic Kysrium SLS rear wheel suffered a cracked rim, so I now have a new rear wheel.  However if anyone can use the spokes I have a full set for spares.  Since they retail for about $15 a piece they must be worth passing on.   People can contact me directly by phone on 0413 390 371




Mid-winter may not always be friendly towards cyclists. However there is a good chance of  reasonable weather this week. The forecast of a shower or two on Tuesday is likely to be well before breakfast.

So let’s head to Mount Barker once again for coffee break in the Laratinga Cafe (off the Laratinga Trail).

Laratinga Cafe

Both routes will leave Balhannah Oval at 9.30 am and head to Mount Barker for coffee break around 11.00 am.

These two suggested optional routes seem to be particularly popular,  see the sketch map:   TT JUNE 18, 2019

E n j o y  t h e  r i d e s

faire-du-vélo-clipart-6 - Copy


Tuesday Treadlers – Rides June 11th, 2019


Suitable cycling outfit for last week’s rides from Mylor

About 12 riders turned up.  A few left a little earlier, but were back after five minutes.  The others have not been seen since.

It will be somewhat warmer and hopefully dry for this week’s rides


Back to Balhannah Oval for the 9.30 am start. A couple of suggested routes will aim for the Cudlee Cafe in Cudlee Creek for mid-ride coffee break around 11.00 am.

Sketch map:     JUNE 11, 2019